Boogie training continues – though, yes, it does look a little different.

Due to the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation in our world, RUNClub’s Spring Training Clinic – the official training program for Boogie the Bridge – has had to re-think and re-shape how training can continue.

But continue it does.

While not meeting in groups any longer, those who registered for this program are part of an incredibly active and engaging online group, being supported by the RUNClub team and coaches through personalized emails, live video’s and more, and are being guided virtually through their training program.

As you may have seen in (or online) Kamloops This Week (one of our incredible sponsors), as in past years, we have three Boogie Training participants, writing about their weekly experiences as they make their way through the Boogie Training Program (RUNClub’s Spring Clinic). Understanding that now more than ever we need to be physically, mentally and emotionally healthy, Kamloops this Week has asked our participants to keep writing and sharing their experiences with you.

Follow along and be encouraged by: James MacDonald – Artistic Director for Western Canada Theatre; Rick Chapman – Producer/Announcer, Jim Pattison Group; and Sabrina Weeks – Musician/Singer.

Questions about this training program or others throughout the year? Send RUNClub a note: [email protected]


RUNClub’s programs are designed for all levels – from the very, very beginner to the very, very advanced. RUNClub provides a variety of ego-less programs to keep you inspired, motivated, and reaching your goals injury free. RUNClub makes the fundamental principles of balanced, healthy living a central part of your daily life.

RUNClub welcomes children 10 years and older who are accompanied by a parent/guardian at the training.

The 8-week Training program, designed by Jo Berry (RUNClub’s founder), begins slowly and gradually builds up your strength and stamina. The focus is on improving your overall health and fitness while keeping you injury-free.

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