We LOVE our CFJC –TV Boogie the Bridge Volunteers!

Behind every successful Boogie the Bridge is an extraordinary group of volunteers busy organizing and giving their time for this event! Without our volunteers Boogie the Bridge would not be the success it is.

Everything our Boogie team does is centered around our core values: trust, commitment, kindness, integrity, respect and fun. If you love to live life with these values and if you love your community, we would LOVE to have you as part of our team.

There are two primary ways to get involved with Boogie the Bridge:

1) The Boogie Planning Committee

Our Boogie Planning Committee is the core team that makes Boogie happen. Our team is made up of several sub-teams, each with one or two team leads and several other members. Our group of dedicated volunteers meets one Thursday every month for two hours, from September through December and then every other Thursday, from January through to Boogie weekend in April. There may be additional team or sub-team meetings, as needed. We recognize that this is a significant time commitment but we will always say and support “family first”! Everyone misses a meeting (or three) from time to time but if you are committed and able to put in some hours behind the scenes, we would love to have you.

If you would like to join our Boogie Planning Committee team, please email [email protected] with your contact information.

2) Boogie Weekend Only

If you’d love to be a part of Boogie, but aren’t sure you can commit to helping throughout the year, we would LOVE to have you join us for Boogie weekend! There is always lots to do and the more hands we have, the better!

Interested in volunteering?

Please click the button to the right and submit our volunteer form. We will be in touch!

Questions about volunteering?

Email us at [email protected]. We would love to hear from you.

Below is a list of jobs (and the tasks involved) with which we can always use more assistance.

Job Title  Tasks Time/hours Location / Notes
Boogie Expo
  • Set up Expo, assist vendors as required
  • Answer questions, assist Boogie participants as required
  • Clean up Expo
Thursday, April 25, 5pm – 10pm

Friday, April 26, 1:30pm – 7:30pm

Saturday, April 27, 8:30am – 1:30pm

Colombo Lodge, 814 Lorne St.



  • Prepare race packages
  • Hand out race packages
  • Direct racers to shirt table
  • Hand out shirts
Thursday, April 25, 5pm – 10 pm

Friday & Saturday, April 26 & 27

Sunday, April 28

Colombo Lodge, 814 Lorne St.


200 block of Victoria Street, 7am – 8am

Gear Check
  • Receive and label bags and jackets
  • Monitor the gear check station to keep all items safe
  • Clean up at end of event
Sunday, April 28 200 block of Victoria Street
Mini Boogie Marshalls
  • Help chalk race route (early start)
  • Direct race participants
  • Cheer on participants
Sunday, April 28, 7:30 a.m. 200 block of Victoria Street / Mini-Boogie race route
Mini Boogie Kid Zone
  • Help with children’s activities (set-up, run stations, clean-up)
Sunday, April 28 200 block of Victoria Street
Setup Crew
  • Help set up tables & equipment
Sunday, April 28, 5:30am – 7:30am 200 block of Victoria Street / Main race routes
Race Route Crew
  • Travel the race routes with a truck and trailer, dropping off station supplies such as tables and water
  • Collect station supplies at end of race
Sunday, April 28, 5:30am – 7:30am

Sunday, April 28, late morning to early afternoon

Main race routes

***Please note, set up may require some heavy lifting (40+ pounds)***

Clean Up Crew
  • Help pack up tables & equipment
Sunday, April 28 200 block of Victoria Street / Main race routes
Water Tables
  • Teams of 5 or 6 at each water station
  • Support racers with water
  • Cheer on the racers
Sunday, April 28 200 block of Victoria Street / Main race routes
Route Chalking
  • Chalk pathways with designs, uplifting & inspiring phrases
Saturday, April 27

Sunday, April 28

Main race routes

Mini-Boogie route

Ask Me Crew
  • Move around the activities area & answer questions
  • Give direction to racers
Sunday, April 28 200 block of Victoria Street
Recycling & composting
  • Set-up compost & recycle stations
  • Support race participants with sorting recycling, compost, and garbage
  • Monitor stations and double-check that items are in the right receptacles
Sunday, April 28, 7am – Noon 200 block of Victoria Street
Food Station
  • Help set up food tables
  • Help with serving food & coffee
  • Keep food and drink refilled
  • Keep station tidy
  • Help with take down
Sunday, April 28 200 block of Victoria Street
Route Marshals
  • Direct race participants at key points along the route
Sunday, April 28 Start And Finish Lines

5 Km Turn Around

10 Km Turn Around

21 Km Turn Around

Bike Sweep
  • Lead racers along the route
  • Give directions to ensure participants are following the correct path
  • Travel the race route, watching for stray or injured racers or problem situations
  • Alert water and other stations as to last racers
Sunday, April 28 Main race routes (training ride is mandatory)