Boogie The Bridge Charity of Choice giving program


Each year, thanks to the generous support of the community and its partners, Boogie is able to donate a significant portion of the yearly registration fees to up to two, local Kamloops charities and the Boogie the Bridge Cultural Fund, which was established in 2005.

To date, Boogie has been able to donate over 1 million dollars to our local Kamloops community!

Charity of Choice for the 2024/25 CFJC TV Boogie the Bridge

Volunteer Kamloops

For more information about who Volunteer Kamloops is and what they do, click here.

We’re currently not accepting Applications for our next Charities of Choice!

When we are accepting applications for our Charities of Choice, eligible charities who support youth and/or families of the Kamloops area will be able to apply. Boogie selects one or two Charities of Choice for a minimum of one year and a maximum of up to two years.