Boogie the Bridge doesn’t just happen. It takes a team of dedicated volunteers to keep it “moving” along with some friends to lighten the load, especially on Boogie Day.

2024 Boogie the Bridge Organizing Committee:

Alex Eaket (Social Media)

Amanda Findlay (Mini-Boogie)

Annie Onuluk (Registration)

Bill Durno

Brenda Kiland (Expo Co-Lead)

Brooklyn Ruemper (Mini Boogie)

Chris Laroche (Announcer)

Deb Beesley (Boutique)

Emma Pappalardo (Teams Co-captain)

Gaby Berry (Social Media)

Gord Cumming (Teams Co-captain)

Heather Riegert (Registration)

Jenn Reumper (Race Director)

Jo Berry (Founder)

Justine Richmond (Volunteer Coordinator)

Kristy Stroulger (Boutique)

Laurel Scott (Registration)

Linda Thomson (Registration Captain)

Lori Lucier (Expo Co-Lead)

Lynnette Sukut (Food)

Mak Berry (Lead Cyclist)

Melisa Dyck (Volunteer Kamloops, Charity of Choice)

Nathanial Martin

Rick Chapman (Announcer)

Susan Cumming (Teams Co-captain)

Tara Holmes (Announcer)

Terri Hadwin (Volunteer Kamloops, Charity of Choice)

2024 Boogie the Bridge Society Board of Directors:

Jo Berry

(Executive Director)

Jenn Reumper


Lynnette Skukut


Brenda Kiland


Emma Pappalardo


Linda Thomson