Boogie the Bridge doesn’t just happen. It takes a team of dedicated volunteers to keep it “moving” along with some friends to lighten the load, especially on Boogie Day.

2022 Boogie the Bridge Organizing Committee:

Alex Eaket (Social Media)

Alex Fantetti

Anne Ram

Annie Onuluk (Boogie Boutique)

Bill Durno

Brenda Kiland (Expo)

Carman Anne Schultz (Schools, Communications, Press Conferences)

Cheyenne Wolfe

Chris Laroche (Announcer)

Denise Ovington (Communications, Boogie Boutique )

Emma Pappalardo (Corporate Teams)

Gaby Berry

Gord Cumming (Corporate Team Co-captain)

Heather Crowe (Entertainment)

Heather Riegert (Registration)

Holly Andres

James MacDonald (WCT)

Jan Brandt (Expo)

Jenn Reumper (Boogie Shirts, Medals)

Jenn Sage (Cyclist, Mini Boogie)

Jennifer Vincent

Justine Richmond (Volunteer Coordinator)

Karen Henning (Race Director)

Kayla Derkach

Laurel Scott (Registration Team Captain)

Linda Thomson (Boogie Boutique)

Lori Lucier (Expo Team Lead)

Luc Guilherme (Timing)

Lynnette Sukut

Mak Berry (Lead Cyclist)

Martin Tong (Entertainment)

Mo Branch (Mini Boogie)

Nathanial Martin

Pamela Black (Expo)

Stephanie McLean (WCT)

Susan Cumming (Corporate Team Co-captain)

Susan Wright

Suzan Goguen (Charity WCT)

Tara Holmes (Announcer)

Wilma Price (Corporate Teams, Mini Boogie)

2022 Boogie the Bridge Society Board of Directors:

Jo Berry

(Coordinator & Executive Director)

Jenn Reumper


Lynnette Skukut


Denise Ovington


Linda Thomson


Susan Wright