We LOVE our CFJC –TV Boogie the Bridge Volunteers!

Behind every successful Boogie the Bridge is an extraordinary group of volunteers busy organizing and giving their time for this event! Without our volunteers Boogie the Bridge would not be the success it is. We are looking to fill some spots for this years event.

Position Date (Time) Notes
Race Packages Thursday April 27 (6pm – 9pm)
Race Expo Friday April 28 & 29
Registration Friday April 28, 29, (& morning of) 30
  • Boogie Store
  • Greeters
  • Race Package Pick Up
Gear Check Sunday April 30
Mini Boogie Marshalls Sunday April 30
Setup Crew Sunday April 30 (early morning)
Clean Up Crew Sunday April 30
Water Tables Sunday April 30
  • Westsyde
Ask Me Crew Sunday April 30
Food Set Up Sunday April 30
Route Marshals Sunday April 30
  • Start And Finish Line
  • 5 Km Turn Around
  • 10 Km Turn Around
  • 21 Km Turn Around
  • Victoria Street
Bike Sweep Sunday April 30 With a training ride on the 22rd
First Aid Sunday April 30

As you can see, there are many opportunities for volunteering. Please fill out our Volunteer Application and email volunteer@boogiethebridge.com. We would be pleased to put your talents to use. Please also let us know if you have any questions.

Spirit Award

Boogie Spirit Award

Created in 2007, the Boogie Spirit Award is handed out every year to three deserving volunteers, all of whom demonstrate fun, enthusiasm, creativity and encouragement during the course of the event. We encourage All volunteers from course marshals to water tables to choose a theme, dress it up and get loud! This is all about putting the fun in the run!

Come out and get crazy! Get your spirit team together and make some noise. Dance a little or dance a lot out on the race route. Bring your energy and enthusiasm to the annual CFJC TV Boogie the Bridge. Give the runners that extra boost of energy to keep their feet moving and their spirit soaring right to the finish line.

Judges are out along the route looking for:

  • Theme
  • Colour
  • Volume
  • Creativity
  • Enthusiasm

2016 Spirit Award Winners:

Tom Moe              D & L Music                 NuTech

2015 Spirit Award Winners:

Kim Beasley        Danielle Pennoyer        Lee’s Music Rockers