We LOVE our CFJC –TV Boogie the Bridge Volunteers!

Behind every successful Boogie the Bridge is an extraordinary group of volunteers busy organizing and giving their time for this event! Without our volunteers Boogie the Bridge would not be the success it is.

Everything our Boogie team does is centered around our core values: trust, integrity, commitment, kindness and fun. If you love to live life with these values and if you love your community, we would love to have you as part of our team.

There are two primary ways to get involved with Boogie the Bridge:

ONE: The Boogie Planning Committee

Our Boogie Planning Committee is the core team that makes Boogie happen. This group of dedicated volunteers meets one Thursday every month for two hours, from September through December, and then every other Thursday from January through to Boogie in April. There are also some additional team meetings as needed, and of course, Boogie weekend. This is a significant time commitment, but we will always say “family first”! Everyone misses a meeting (or three) from time to time, but if you are committed and able to put in some hours behind the scenes, we would LOVE to have you.

Our team is made up of several sub-teams, with each team have one or two team leads. Currently we have several team lead vacancies. They are:

If you would like to apply for one of the above positions, please review the team lead description to determine whether you believe this is a good fit for you, and ensure to select in on the application form. If you would like to join our team in another capacity, or as part of another sub-team, please complete the same application form, and select “other”. Once completed, please submit the form along with a criminal record check (this is required) to: [email protected].


If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to connect with us – we would love to hear from you: [email protected].

TWO: Boogie Weekend Only

If you’d love to be a part of Boogie, but are not sure you can commit to helping throughout the year, we would LOVE to have you join us for Boogie weekend! There is always lots to do and the more hands we have, the better! Below is a list of positions and options during Boogie weekend where we need assistance. If you’re interested, please fill out and submit the volunteer form and we will be in touch!

Questions about any of this or specific ways you’d like to get involved? Please connect with us, we would love to hear from you: [email protected].

Position Date (Time) Location / Notes
Race Packages Thursday April 21 (6pm – 9pm)
  • TBD
Race Expo Friday, April 22 &  Saturday, April 23
  • TBD
Registration Friday, April 22,
Saturday, April 23,
& the morning of Sunday, April 24
  • Boogie Store
  • Greeters
  • Race Package Pick Up
Gear Check Sunday, April 24
  • McDonald Park
Mini Boogie Marshalls Sunday, April 24
  • McDonald Park/race route
Setup Crew Sunday, April 24  (early morning)
  • McDonald Parl/race route
Clean Up Crew Sunday, April 24
  • McDonald Park/race route
Water Tables Sunday, April 24
  • Westsyde
Ask Me Crew Sunday, April 24
  • McDonald Park
Food Set Up Sunday, April 24
  • McDonald Park
Route Marshals Sunday, April 24
  • Start And Finish Line
  • 5 Km Turn Around
  • 10 Km Turn Around
  • 21 Km Turn Around
Bike Sweep Sunday, April 24
  • Race route.
  • Additional training ride required.
First Aid Sunday, April 24
  • McDonald Park

To get involved on Boogie weekend, please fill out our Volunteer Application and email [email protected]. We would be love to put your talents to use. Questions? Connect with us at [email protected]!