We are currently accepting applications from groups interested in becoming a charity of choice for Boogie the Bridge 2018 and 2019.

Applications are being accepted until midnight on September 10th, 2017.

To submit an application, please complete the below form and either:

  1. email the completed document to admin@boogiethebridge.com, or
  2. drop it off in person with Susan at the Family Tree Family Centre, located at 657 Seymour Street.

Apply today: Boogie Charity Application 2018.


Cultural Fund

Cara_Graden_CulturalFundMaking Arts and Culture Accessible for Children and Youth in Kamloops

Boogie the Bridge Cultural Fund (BBCF) was established in 2005 to help support, develop and nurture creative growth for Kamloops children and youth.

In 2005 the committee identified the concern that increasingly more families are less able to afford “extras” such as fine arts programs.

Annual awards will range up to $250 per child.

Funds cover the cost of programs, events or workshops, such as music, theatre, dance and arts in Kamloops.

The BBCF supports children and youthbetween the ages of 5 and 18 years who are in need of financial assistance.

This fund continues to grow through community support and participation in the annual CFJC TV Boogie the Bridge which is held in April each year in downtown Kamloops.

For more information contact Cara Gates at 205-828-3611 or cgates@kamloops.ca

Applications are found on the City of Kamloops web site: www.kamloops.ca on the Arts and Culture page.

2016-2017 Charities

A Way Home

On any given night in Canada, some 6,000 to 8,000 young people between the ages of 13 and 25 have no home to go to. It’s a problem that tugs at the heartstrings, and one that has proven frustratingly hard to fix.awayhome

Katherine_McParlane_AWayHome_RESIZEKatherine McParland knows this. She helps youth find housing as part of her job with Interior Community Services in Kamloops, B.C.

“When you’re in foster care, all of your supports are paid supports, and when you turn 19 you lose everybody,” said McParland. “Youth rarely have the privileges that come with biological families, or the natural support network in place to not be homeless.”

In one sense, the problem of homelessness has an easy solution: if someone doesn’t have a home, give them one. That’s working for adults in communities daring enough to try it.

It’s more complicated with people of an age group that are not only struggling with the adolescent transition to independence, but still undergoing significant developmental changes.

What works for an adult – such as a subsidized apartment — won’t necessarily work for a young person who has never learned to budget, cook, and or get a job; whose family home has been a source of violence, or who is suddenly stripped of all public foster care support on their 19th birthday.

Unlike more conventional “supportive housing” where services are tied to a place, the Kamloops Wrapforce team follows the youth wherever they live, providing a continuous and individualized support, particularly for those aging out of foster care.

“It’s really revolutionized the way we work,” said McParland. Since May, 13 former street youth have found housing.

A Way Home is a committee of over 70 professionals dedicated to ending youth homelessness in Kamloops and have guided this work. Together we are the community that raises the child!

Crossing Bridges Outreach Program – Kamloops Arts Council

Kathy_Sinclair_KamloopsArtsCouncilKathy Sinclair, KAC’s Executive Director writes: Founded in 1968, the Kamloops Arts Council (KAC) is a registered charitable organization devoted to the development and enhancement of the arts in the Kamloops area. As part of our mandate, the KAC takes the arts out to the community – producing high-quality, year-round lare for ow- and no-cost arts programs, performances, workshops and events for all. We believe the arts everyone, and that they have the power to heal, transform, connect, and develop skills in children, youth, adults and seniors, including those in crisis. Art changes lives.kamloops arts council

The KAC’s Crossing Bridges Outreach Program started in 2013. This collaboration among the arts community, social service agencies and at-risk communities delivers high-quality arts workshops to those in crisis. Artists work alongside staff at centres such as Twin Rivers Education Centre, Four Directions Storefront School, the YWCA Women’s Shelter and Kamloops Immigrant Services to engage children, youth and low-income families. Crossing Bridges helps participants express realities, fears, traumas, hopes and dreams, providing them with the chance to connect with peers and adults and to build self-esteem, leading to healing and wellness.

We are pleased and honoured to be a CFJC-TV Boogie the Bridge recipient for 2016 & 2017! Boogie the Bridge is an incredible event that represents community health, and your support generates even more community health. As one participant states: “Tell them to keep this art going. It’s what every woman and child needs after what we’ve survived. It helps keep hope alive.”