New Afton connects with Boogie

Why do you sponsor Boogie?

New Gold’s New Afton Mine supports Boogie the Bridge because of the significant impact this signature event has on the community of Kamloops. Beyond simply inspiring thousands of individuals to live healthier lives, Boogie elevates the profile of and contributes much needed funds to organizations doing important work in the community.

How does boogie meet your philosophy?

We believe that Boogie the Bridge exemplifies New Gold’s values of teamwork, integrity, development of people, commitment and creativity. From the early planning process to volunteer recruitment and the event itself, Boogie is a true symbol of the dedicated, hard-working and community-minded spirit of Kamloops residents. We also know that a healthy and happy workforce is vital and we celebrate the positive change that Jo Berry and her RUNClub team inspire year-round. New Afton actively encourages our employees to take part and we are proud to hold the “Largest Corporate Team” title for the last five years running.

Which boogie core value resonates with you?

The Boogie core value that most resonates with New Afton is commitment. Our employees are committed not only to ensuring that the operation is successful, but that the community of Kamloops as a whole is prosperous, healthy and vibrant. We are proud to have a workforce that consists of 80% Kamloops residents, meaning that our employees not only work here, but they raise their families, volunteer, attend events and build roots here. New Afton – like Boogie – is committed to the betterment of the community because we are part of the community.

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