How to train for Boogie and have a ton of fun doing it!:

RUNClub is the official training program for the CFJC-TV Boogie The Bridge.

Boogie Training Clinic starts:

Sunday March 11th ( 8:00 am) & Tuesday March 13th ( 6:00 PM)

Registration : or in person at The Happyness Center, Kamloops (#203-242 Victoria St. – check for hours).

Boogie Training ( RUNClub) Benefits:

Your registration includes : outstanding coaching; run-walk training; group support; personalized emails; personalized programs; rewards and treats; free monthly newsletter; online website play work; and participation in RUNClub every Sunday & / or Tuesday.

RUNClub : Be the best you in 2018!

Our RUNclub programs are designed for all levels – from the very, very beginner to the very, very advanced. We provide a variety of ego-less programs to keep you inspired, motivated, and reaching your goals injury free. RUNClub makes the fundamental principles of balanced, healthy living a central part of your daily life.

RUNClub: 8 week training clinic:

  • Injury free programs for a lifetime of healthy movement
  • Programs for all levels of runners and Learn to Run.
  • Personal development, emotional fitness  and leadership training.

Cost – Please visit

Training Clinics Starts March 11th / March 13th 2018

Get in shape to run or walk The Vancouver Sun Run 5K/ 10K or 21K  with RUNClub’s  proven training programs.   Whether you’re a runner or a walker at any ability level, a RUNClub Training clinic can help you reach your fitness goals in a safe and supportive environment.

RUNClub  welcomes children 10 years and older who are accompanied by a parent/guardian at the training .  Family rates available .

The 8-week Training program is designed by Jo Berry and the amazing Boogie Training Team and  begins slowly and gradually builds up strength and stamina. The focus is on improving your overall health and fitness while keeping you injury-free.

We are proud to introduce our 2018 ” Training for Boogie ” T-shirts available March 2018 – visit our website for more info.

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Kamloops This Week Newspaper Program:


March 11 & 13th Training (Week 1 2018)

Tuesday, March 21st Training (Week 2)

Tuesday, March 28th Training (Week 3)

Tuesday, April 4th Training (Week 4)

Tuesday, April 05 Training (Week 5)

Tuesday, April 13 Training (Week 6)

Tuesday,  April 26 Training (Week 7)


Boogie School and Youth Group Program

March, 2018 is the start time for your Boogie Training program. You can prepare your kids for the fun-filled Boogie Day in as little as 2-3 times per week. And best of all, it can be done within your allotted DPA time!

Check out our Boogie 4 Kids online resource which will give you everything you need to get your training program started, plus ideas for weekly training concepts (e.g. stretching, shoes, etc.), goal sheets, a healthy habits journal, and activities to make your training FUN!

And don’t forget to have your kids enter our design a t-shirt contest. Deadline for t-shirt entries is Monday, February 19, 2018.

Contact [email protected] with any questions.

Register Here Boogie Schools and Youth Groups

Boogie School Program First Place Winner 2017: David Stoddart School, Clinton, BC.