With the change in location,, there is a change in the ease of parking; and with our anticipated 3000 participants, space would be tight no matter where we were! So with that in mind, please note that parking is going to be at a premium. Showing up early (you need to be in the park by 8:00am) will give you a better chance of grabbing a spot closer to the park, however there is no parking at MacDonald Park. As this is the case, we do ask that you be courteous to your community to make sure that you aren’t blocking driveways, alleys, fire hydrants, parking on lawns etc. Norkam Secondary School has given Boogie permission to use their parking lot on Boogie day, but again, space will be limited. The even better options to keep you from driving around looking for a spot are to:

  • Take the bus! | Once again this year, the City graciously is allowing our Boogie-rs the chance to ride the bus FOR FREE! All you have to do is show your race bib, and the ride’s on the City.
  • Park at MacArthur Island and walk or ride your bike to MacDonald Park | With only 1.4k between the two parks, walking or bike riding between the two parks is a great way to warm up pre-Boogie and cool down post-Boogie!

A few other FYI’s around parking:

  • There be slow moving traffic coming from the south shore to the north shore as construction on West Victoria St will have commenced.
  • Boogie will also have the overpass coming from the south shore closed for part of our route but Fortune Dr. will be opened for single lane traffic. Tranquille Rd from the overpass going north to Yew St. will also be completely closed so please plan your route accordingly coming to Boogie the Bridge.

Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding of these changes. We can’t wait to see you at Boogie!


You have three opportunities to pick up your race pack:

  • Boogie EXPO
    Friday, April 23rd and Saturday, April 24th. Times and locations to be determined, so please check back for those details.
  • Race Day @ MacDonald Park
    Sunday, April 25th, 7:00AM – 8:00AM

Your race pack includes your Boogie race-bib (with timing chip). We highly encourage you to pick up your race pack during EXPO weekend as Boogie day can be very busy. Can’t make it yourself? A friend or family member can pick up your pack for you – not to stress!


If you missed the online registration deadline (noon on Thursday, April 23, 2020), you can register:

  • in person at the EXPO (see above for details)
  • at MacDonald Park on the morning of Boogie until 8:00AM only.

Please note that late registrants will not be guaranteed a race shirt in their preferred size.


  • New last year: WAVE STARTS! Please check out the graph here to determine what group you fall into and what time you will be starting.
  • Walkers and runners with strollers will be at the back of all running groups to ensure participant safety.
  • Timing chips ensure that timing begins from the moment a runner or walker crosses the start line.
  • While we are thrilled to have elite runners and fast runners, we remind everyone that this is an event that celebrates community fitness at all levels! Please be patient, kind and friendly to each other out there!
  • As with rules of the road, runners will pass on  the left hand side, so if running slowly or walking, please stay to the right of your section of the route and have no more than two people abreast (beside each other), to facilitate easier passing.
  • Please do not wear headphones so that you can hear instructions of volunteers and route marshalls who may be asking you to move to allow elite runners through. Always be aware of your surroundings!
  • As a reminder, no dogs are allowed anywhere on the race route for participant safety.
  • Elite Runners: 10K and 5K runners will be marshalled immediately after Mini-Boogie. Elite runners have times of approximately 18 min. or less for a 5 K, and 40 min. or less for a 10K. Elite half-marathon runners will be at the front of the marshalling group for 21.5K group.