Why CFJC sponsors Boogie

Who are you?

We are part of the Broadcast Centre, along with our sister radio stations 98.3 CIFM, and B-100. Our radio stations have been here since the 1920’s, and CFJC-TV since the mid-50’s, when it became one of the pioneer small market television stations in Canada. We serve an area from Quesnel to Merritt, the Shuswap through to the Fraser Canyon. We pride ourselves on our local news coverage, supplemented by our web portal, CFJC Today. Our heavy community involvement makes us a “must see” for Everything Kamloops.

How long have you sponsored Boogie?

Broadcast Centre and CFJC-TV have been involved in sponsoring and promoting Boogie since its inception. We have taken many roles in sponsorship and on-air coverage of the event, and the training leading up to it, through our radio and Television interviews. We are into our 9th year as Title Sponsor.

Why have you chosen to sponsor Boogie the Bridge?

We chose Boogie as a major focus of our sponsorship direction because it is reflective of life in Kamloops. The work done by Jo Berry and others to promote fitness and being active has been noteworthy in itself, but more important is the fact that it unites our Community into a cohesive group who are trying to make a positive difference in Kamloops. Being physically active is a way to become healthier individuals, but it also promotes an event that brings everyone together behind a common cause.

What do you love about Boogie?

We love the comradeship and spirit that has enveloped the Boogie tradition. The fact that it’s not just an event, but a promotion about a way of life. The common sense approach to getting ready for Boogie, the Run Club and all the associated building, the laughter and the joy as people undertake a new lifestyle, or renew their current running activities. These are all things we love about Boogie and why we have chosen to make this one of our major promotions every year. As a community-focused station, we love the way our community becomes centred around Boogie every year.

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