History of Boogie The Bridge

To date Boogie is Kamloops largest running/ fitness event with over 2,800 participants and over 1 million dollars raised. Boogie is much more than a running event – it empowers people to achieve their dreams and move their bodies, energy and souls to becoming the best they can be. Originally an all women’s event in year 1, by year 2 men, children, and families wanted to be involved and Boogie became an all inclusive event.

Founded by Jo Berry and four women (Carol Gillis; Nina Reimer; Dawn King and Tracy Smith) who wanted to make a difference in their community. The run’s purpose was to promote the benefits of running to improve both physical and emotional well being. The original group of five believed in giving back and the theory that “Movement is Change” can assist in huge changes for people.

The first run attracted 62 participants and through the years the run captured the imagination and hearts of the city and became a passionate ‘ movement ‘ for it’s citizens. The event morphed into the phenomenon it is today with the colour red symbolizing passion , energy, fun and change. The entertainment part of boogie (over 17 bands on route) has made Boogie a party o the run! Thousands descend upon Kamloops streets each Spring in celebration of our grassroots movement : Boogie the Bridge !

The run is supported by its loyal and dynamic Boogie team (and Boogie society) and has many community partners; sponsors and volunteers.

Boogie The Bridge has truly become one of Kamloops’ spring traditions and is preparing for its 22nd annual run.

Kamloops Boogie The Bridge Purpose

To be the B.C interiors leading and most influential wellness “ movement” and inspire healthy, active lifestyles for people of all ages and at any fitness level. To be the largest fund-raiser in B.C for running events (continue to give back as much as we can to charity).

The Boogie Philosophy:

  • Great community Spirit
  • Healthy Living ( both physical and mental health)
  • Fun, passion and a party on the run
  • Openness & Inclusiveness for community health ( all levels welcome runners and walkers)
  • Love of Kamloops & the “ movement” lifestyle

Boogie The Bridge Participation Over The Years

YEAR# of Participants
20182804We welcomed our two new charities Kamloops Brain Injury Association and YMCA-YWCA – Kamloops Early Language and Literacy Intiative (KELLI).  The weather was cool and for the first time ever, the skies opened up and rained for warmup, mini boogie and parts of the race.  A new start/finish near the Signature Sandman.
20172879Our two charities remained the same as 2016 and it was a perfectly beautiful bluebird sunny day down at the start/finish at Riverside Park.
20162, 677Our two new charities of choice are the A Way Home Program and the Crossing Bridges Art program (Kamloops Arts Council). It was a mixed weather day as we started and finished at Riverside Park again!
20152,549Our two charities were The CMHC Youth Clubhouse and the Family Tree Family Centre. We returned our Start line to Riverside Park due to the Overlander Bridge being under major repair.. It was a bright, sunny day!
20142,373Sadly the Daily News closed it’s doors but we are thrilled to announce our new Title Sponsor CFJC TV! It was a sunny, slightly windy, beautiful Sunday with 2,373 participants to support our Two Charities The CMHC Youth Clubhouse and the Family Tree Family Centre.
20132,464BIGGEST Boogie ever although it was a tad chilly, the turnout of 2464 participants warmed our hearts! We partnered for a second year with Big Brothers and Sisters of Kamloops.
2,342Another Successful Year, Our Fabulous Charity of Choice Big Brothers and Sisters of Kamloops. It was a fabulous Spring Morning.
20112,2002200 again show up on a cold May morning boogie while the committee once again partners with ASK Wellness of Kamloops to raise funds.
20102,2002200 people Boogie through the streets of downtown Kamloops as our event moves from the park to the heart of our downtown core and the committee partners with ASK Wellness of Kamloops to raise funds
2002383Kamloops Daily News comes on as an amazing corporate community sponsor and becomes passionate about contributing to community health. The message of “Movement is Change” is taken out to the community and healthy living increases in our beautiful city! 1k Mini boogie is added for kids! Funds raised go to the Kamloops Sexual Assault Center
20092,2002200 people Boogied and brave cool temperatures, and KELLI program is thriving because of the awareness.
20082,2002200 people Boogie and awareness of KELLI program
20071,800People Boogie and continue to raise monies, awareness, and participation in movement and health.
20061,5071507 Raised the awareness of CMHA Youth Clubhouse and promoting movement and health!
20051,2001200 Boogiers come out to assist and raise funds for low income families and children in Kamloops.
2003503Kids event’s see a significant increase in attendance . The high energy warm up brings people ‘out of their comfort zones’ and put into a philosophy of living life to the fullest while running down the gorgeous river trail. Funds raised go to the Kamloops Sexual Assault Center.
2004847Boogie -4- Kids school based program is added as a pilot project for the first time! An overwhelming success with over 350 kids running either 1K mini boogie/ 5K or 10K distance. The half marathon is fast becoming a large event as well! Boogie raised enough money to purchase a Boogie Bus for low income families and children through the ARCH program.
2001350Boogie adds the half marathon distance! Funds raised go to the Kamloops Boys and girls Club.
2000190This celebration in Red is becoming better known and the energy contagious. The kids decorate the bike bridge with beautiful life size cut outs of people running and playing. 5K and 10K Boogie raises money for the Kamloops Boys and Girls Club.
1999101The Kamloops own rube band warms up the crowd on a very windy day. Yes : The beginning of putting the “ Boogie” into “ Boogie The Bridge”. This is a 2 day event with Trisha Sellmer and the Kamloops Art Council putting on an amazing art exhibit all on body image the night before Boogie also including a wine and cheese celebration in red. Boogie becomes an all gender event and raises money for the Women’s Resource Center.
199862Boogie was created by Jo Berry. Boogie took place out of Java Cycle and was attended by 62 runners and walkers. Boogie was born from a pivotal event in Jo’s life, the loss of her mom, and she moved forward with recruiting a group of women. Jo believed in giving back and the theory that “Movement is Change” can assist in huge changes for women. This was an all women’s event in year one. Distances were 5K and 10K run / walk or stroll . Funds raised went to The Shop Program Women’s Lending Circle and the BPW club.